About B&H Foods

B&H Foods is a proud NZ privately owned company who manufacture a range of products including sauces, dressings and condiments. Our factory is based in Auckland and we have been in the industry for around 20 years. B&H Foods initially started off with just Neil and a few sauces. Over the past 20 years it has grown considerably and expanded to having over 18 full time staff and many casual staff over the summer and peak periods. The product range has also grown extensively as too all the other services B&H Foods can provide.

Our teams are dedicated, innovative and focused on producing excellent quality products. Our current base consists of internationally recognised, industrial and general food service clients.

On site we have a Food Technologist and a Quality Assurance Manager which provide the business with technical capabilities to keep up to date with the new trends and market demands. B&H Foods Ltd is both HACCP and NZFSA assured.

Also, we have various packaging options available to meet customer needs. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the demands our customer requirements and provide the best possible solutions.

We are able to create and develop new recipes or add value to existing ones. Our products and services have expanded to now include dairy and also exports.

Contact us now to find out how we can be of assistance to you and your business.

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